The Hoffman Family Foundation – A 501(c)(3) non-proft

Hoffman Family Foundation was founded in 2014 after a growing need of many vulnerable children and people that are connected to the Hoffman Family for support and improving lives. Hoffman Family Foundation has various children in different countries of Africa that are benefitting from the HFF. The Hoffman Family has been supporting 12 children in 4 different African countries through different non-government organizations and see the growing need of making the Hoffman Family Foundation bigger to support more vulnerable and struggling communities in Africa. The Hoffman Family Foundation intends to improve the quality of life of different communities, empowering women, families, schools and giving children quality education.

The Hoffman Family Foundation’s vision is to leave a legacy of love, transforming communities and lives around the world.

Hoffman Family Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization located in Golden, Colorado.

Our Programs

We currently have five programs: Child Development, Womens Empowerment, Sanitation/healthcare, School Construction and Housing. All of which are dedicated to improving the lives of these amazing people.

We believe in the power of knowledge as the driving force to help young people create a future where they can live up to their potential. We know that educated minds collectively create better solutions to whatever challenges their communities face. Children who stay in school earn higher wages and tend to have smaller families that are vaccinated, well nourished and educated. They gain the skills to start community businesses, find their voice and choose peaceful paths to positive change.
Hoffman Family Foundation has partnered with some amazing women in Uganda. My husband was introduced to this “Women’s Group” (approximately 20 ladies) in 2014. After spending some time with them, teaching some foundations of operating your own business, he was determined to give them an opportunity to see what they had learned. He gave them a small “Hand Up” and said my wife will return in September and I want to see what you can do with this investment.
“Water is a basic need needed to drive us in our daily lives and without it, live may become to a standstill at one point”! In September 2014, Ewaldi Community School showcased the visit of Mr. and Mrs. Hoffman “the Good Samaritans” who could understand why water was really an essential need for the children at the school. As a result, the Hoffman family foundation based in Uganda offered a donation of 25, 000,000 shillings to construct a water supply facility.
Delivering education is not just about tuition, classrooms and teacher supplies – the first steps to a successful education often come in the shape of plumbing pipes, cement blocks, and rain-proof roofing. Boarding school makes it possible to get an education on a full stomach in a safe environment. The Hoffman Family Foundation is improving infrastructure by building new schools, adding classrooms to overcrowded schools, as well as improving access to water, food and sanitation. We are committed to understanding the true need from our local contacts and helping where we can be most effective in our mission.
During Dave Hoffman’s travel in 2014 with Robert Kiwanuka, they stopped to bring this lady who is blind and has 4 children some food for the day. She had been left, abandoned and forsaken by her husband. My husband took photos of her living condition and sent them home to me. I sent back a text and asked Robert if we could please buy a bed for this lady. He said he could, but she is blind and someone would possibly steal it from her house because she has no door on her home. So asked if we could arrange for a door to be installed. He said we could, but her house is falling apart. So my next reply was okay… let’s build her a house.

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