A great deal of my journey over the last 8 years has been filled with moments of standing alone. Pressing into the Lord’s will for our lives and trusting Him completely can sometimes be accompanied by a heaviness that we as humans cannot carry on our own. The Lord has been so gracious to my heart in bringing me exactly who I need when I need it. He handpicks people who are going to uplift us, love us, hug us, listen to us, support us, cry with us, tell us funny jokes and carry the weight when we can’t.

My journey to Africa has brought people into my life that have become family, strangers who I can’t imagine living a day without talking to, and friends who have crossed the ocean and sacrificed everything to serve and love a beautiful community in Kirugu, Uganda. After establishing a nonprofit organization, Rays of Grace, I knew I could not do it all on my own. Over the years, gracious friends and family have donated their time, talents and finances to bring this dream to completion. Two years ago, the Hoffman Family Foundation would come into my world and show me a love that was bigger than anything I had ever known. Every single team member at HFF has shown me an unconditional kind of love that I have never experienced. They have supported and served our community in Kirugu, Uganda selflessly and wholeheartedly. From putting a roof over my own head, to building a beautiful nursery and primary school, HFF has been my tangible example of the Lord’s love for me.

If you have ever been so lucky as to cross paths with this bunch, you too know this kind of love.

After commissioning our new school in September of 2015, The Hoffman Family Foundation and Rays of Grace were going to return to their separate projects, keeping in touch with how well the school is running and how well the community of Kirugu is doing with their new school. However, the Lord had different plans in mind and I thank Him every day for that. It turns out we would spend the next year working out the kinks and running the new school together. Our teams would begin to work hand in hand as love, light, grace, education, clean water, and jobs would flood into Kirugu. The Lord has richly blessed the works of every hand involved as we have turned back to praise Him and thank Him every step of the way. After an incredible Summer of volunteer trips and the development of successful projects, we were hopeful and excited to watch the Lord bring all of the prayers and hard work to fruition. With all of these rich blessings, Rays of Grace landed in a place of surrender. We had started our journey flooded with hopes and dreams. Our mustard seed grew faster than what we could keep up with… In the best way. After much prayer and wonderful conversations, we decided to merge the two organizations. I am humbled by the receptiveness and understanding during this transition. I am honored to jump into HFF with both feet as each person recognizes and uplifts the God-given talents that I am able to bring to the team.

What started as a partnership has transitioned into a gracious merger of two organizations becoming one, for His Name’s sake. I am hopeful and anxious in the best way to watch this new journey unfold. I have a heart overflowing with gratitude for each and every person who has stood beside me along this journey. We were not created to stand-alone; there is power in the Lord’s people standing together in unity.

“For where two or three gather in my name, there I am with them” – Matthew 18:20.

Written by Brittany Froistad