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Our latest project is the construction of a girls dormitory at the Mountain of Olives Primary school. The purpose of this dorm is to provide student housing for the young women who attend the school, protecting them from many of the adverse conditions that force them to abandon their pursuit of education. Things like unsafe travel from classes prevent many young girls from completing their schooling.

It is our hope and goal that by providing the safety, security and the proper support for young girls this dormitory will help to establish confidence and a sense of personal worth among the female students at the school.

HFF Dormitory Render

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We’re always looking for more support in helping to build a better world. Financial support is always most needed but even a simple share on facebook or your blog means the world to us and those we strive to help.

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Housing Projects

Part of our ongoing commitment to bettering the lives of families and communities in underdeveloped countries includes new construction projects. While much of the focus is on community resources we can’t help but be touched by the lives and stories of those we meet. There is so much taken for granted in the developed world and the simple necessity of a safe home for your family is not at all the least of them. Those of us at the Hoffman Family Foundation that have been blessed with the chance to meet some very special people want to tell you their stories too.

Making a new house a home

A house is just a roof and four walls. Making it a home is something special, somewhere to share the good times and the comfort us during the bad. But shelter is also a necessity, safety and security an ever present concern. It is because of this that we would like to share the first of what we hope is many stories. One about building a house and how it transforms into a home for a very special person.

Read Sherifah’s Story