Women Empowerment

//Women Empowerment

Where it Started

by Tami Hoffman

Hoffman Family Foundation has partnered with some amazing women in Uganda. My husband was introduced to this “Women’s Group” (approximately 20 ladies) in 2014. After spending some time with the women and teaching some foundations of operating your own business, he was determined to give them an opportunity to see what they had learned. He gave them a small “Hand Up” and said my wife will return in September and I want to see what you can do with this investment.

I arrived in late September and was so impressed with their results. They had started a business call ‘MUKAMA AFAAYO FUNCTION SERVICES…. Tents and Chairs for Hire!’. They gave me the honor of doing a “ribbon cutting ceremony” to open their doors for business. Just six months later they have now doubled in size. 20 more ladies have joined the group and with their earnings they were able to purchase an additional tent. These women are hard workers with resilient spirits.

I am very proud that Hoffman Family Foundation is leaving a legacy of love, transforming lives and communities daily. – Tami Hoffman

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Women’s Group Timeline

August 2016

Business Workshops Begin

Workshops service provided to the ladies. They have become determined to improve their businesses.

June 2016

Group recruits men to help

The ladies have picked up a few men to help with their projects.  Excited to give reports on how their businesses are flourishing. Request for business workshops to learn and continue to grow. They now have at least 2 acres of land and are growing vegetables. A unique strategy and selling point causes great demand for their vegetables.

September 2015

Group Increases to 80 Ladies

The group number has increased to 80 members. They express they feel value that HFF believes in them.

Each member receives a T-shirt and through tears of joy feel they belong to this group.

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